How does a C.R.M. system find you fresh new clients?

August 23, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business online,Finding Leads Online

Well it doesn’t to be fair; it is often sold as an elixir to your troubling sales issues. What a well-run C.R.M. system does do in the vernacular is it cleans your desk, and sorts out all the clients you already have, and utilises that information to find new opportunities within the confines of what you already have. But fresh blood Nope!

C.R.M. (Customer relationship Management) systems are vital for when your company gets really going and you need to keep the information, as your memory cannot be that good to remember everything about your business, but a C.R.M. system will help you manage your clients efficiently, schedule all important follow ups, and find new side selling opportunities or ways to find referrals within your current list of clients.

I do find it annoying how these C.R.M. systems of the world promise new clients, when really there is such a lot of work you have to do first to input all of your information. Of course their very latest C.R.M. systems can from an email (you already have) find out about most companies and add their information directly to your system, but  you still have to know the emails, and how do you get these emails? Did you buy them? Can you honestly say you have had albeit some kind of conversation with them even if it was just on Skype.

The business world is still waiting for some geek to come up with a C.R.M. system that with one click sorts all your clients into beautifully designed dashboards and one particular field jumps out and yells; here is a chap that wants to buy what you sell, he is in the area of where you are selling, is the decision maker, and wants to buy today, here is his phone number, what are you waiting for?.. call him!

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CRM systems for new leads?

Nope that is never going to happen this decade, the traditional ways of finding new business are still so laborious that some CR.M. system manufacturers are tapping into this pain by promising you there is enough profit in the clients you already have to double your profits this year, and then with branding, the new clients will come.

Finding new clients is still such a giant pain in the ass, and so time consuming that business are meandering through many different paths to find their level of comfort zone V pain to so they can be ‘in front of’ new business opportunities.

Every sales rep I have ever met, and have I met a few as a sales reps over many years, tell me the dream scenario is; a sales reps job with no lead generation activities, just strolling into the office on a Monday for a few hours, calling up people who want to be called and want to buy , making appointments, and the next few days managing the end sales game with the potential client, the show and tell, W.I.I.T.Y. (What’s In It For You), the close, the euphoria, the bonus, the Friday golf courses the Sales perks, holidays , days out etc.!

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The dream sales Job

Biz-find and Netmedia came from the hard core Sales background, for 30 years we have done everything from banging on doors in the early 1980’s and selling vacuum cleaners, selling double glazing, to getting a proper B2B sales job with company car, expense account and massive corner office in Salford Quays Manchester, to online marketing in 2009 till today. Many things have changed, you can’t bang on doors anymore, or cold call people thankfully.

One thing has never changed though; is the desperate need business has to find new sales opportunities for their experienced reps, the fresh blood, to add to the C.R.M. system to bring in fresh side selling opportunities and then referrals. If you don’t add fresh blood to your C.R.M. then it will soon dry up.

Biz-find believes we have found a way to find you new clients today, and that is by using a very simple idea to develop a community of people who receive free marketing from a social media marketing company Via a free business directory, in return for telling us the things they are currently sourcing:

This gives us a list of buyers every day and we publish those buyers here.

All you have to do is look in your category and see if we have a lead or leads for you today, become a seller for just 2,000 THB a month and you get the current leads name and number and we send you leads as we get them throughout the rest of the month.

We have been doing this for 7 years already and we have 4300+ companies and 20,000 subscribers and 40,000 monthly website visitors over many sites, so we now have a decent community to supply us with leads.

It’s that or banging on the phone or those dreadful networking events at the crack of dawn or those boozy cliques at the chamber events. Or you could try writing loads of blogs on your website and sharing to your few hundred people on Facebook to see how difficult and time consuming that is to get anywhere!

Maybe you like losing at Golf on purpose and those massive course fees you have to pay every week, perhaps sponsoring the local youth football team is so effective it has people calling every Saturday after the game to say “Hey I saw your advert on the lads shirts and I was compelled to ring!” Huh fat chance!

Netmedia is the leading social media marketing agency in Thailand according to Google, and the No Sales Leads company in South East Asia.

Have a look free at the leads we already have from our members now