Finding Business online; why people don’t believe us

November 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business online,Finding Leads Online,Online Marketing

Biz find leads system

Most traditional business people regard the Internet as a distraction rather than a profitable way to find new customers, judging by the average manufacturing company’s website. I mean who can blame them, they grew up without the internet, and they are managing fine without the Internet so when they actually get someone like me in to tell them what they have to do to make their online presence work for them to find business they almost swoon and need a lie down in a dark room to get over the shock!

Netmedia Social media training

Netmedia Social media training

The Internet is still 99% buyers trying to sell, I was hoping, back in 2000 when I really started using the Internet for the first time as a sales rep that it would revolutionize the way I did business and find me people who were looking for what I was selling, but 15 years later all I found was people selling, and the market is so infiltrated with sellers, I now teach people to become experts at shouting louder.

It is a shame because like peace and love, I am sure it would not take too much of a shift in the way people think to completely change the way we do business online.

When I first saw Alibaba I was so excited! I thought here at last someone is marrying buyers and sellers together to make the virtual world a place of pure B2B harmony, but what I discovered about Alibaba is that our Jack doesn’t really have B2B leads as such, he has become a search engine for manufacturers to shout louder than anyone else, and because people are making money by making noise about their business on Alibaba, Jack Ma has become a massive success.

I wanted to change that with Biz-find. We created an online platform where they can be rewarded for adding their business to our directory with exposure to over 50,000 on our social media reach and with a consistent and strategic content marketing strategy for our directory members which brought in the traffic each month to around 50,000, which isn’t bad for B2B business websites considering we have no marketing budget whatsoever. Also our members can post free classifieds as well.

USP Warning:

We have a team of people that contact our database as a free service and help them to get the most from their listing, we then ask them if they are sourcing any B2B products, or even domestic products, for example; we have had a lot of property wanted on Biz-find, and hungry Real estate agents lapped the leads up.

Directory members can add leads and we actually pay them for the privilege with an upgrade on their first lead and then around $1.50 for each subsequent buying request they publish. Making us the only B2B website that pays our members hard cash, so that we can work to find them suppliers for their needs. We charge the sellers that want access to the buyer’s requests, simple as.

No not simple!

but we love the premise, it’s hard for people to get their head around the fact that a seller can go online and find someone who is ready now to buy what they sell instantly!

Anything that totally flies in the face of convention is going to be hard to understand, and people cannot believe that it was that simple to change the face of Business on the Internet

Most people think it is too good to be true:

business leads online

business leads online

One guy told me:

”Like I sell property in Bangkok and all I have to do is go to your website become a seller for 1,000 THB a month and you send me people who want to buy property in Bangkok? Way too easy, cannot be true”

Same goes for any industry, as we are a directory so we cater for every single business there is out there.

I got the idea because I know how long it takes to gain trust and sell B2B products and services online, as you have to have a consistent content marketing strategy that means months and months of writing articles and growing your social media before you gain trust and then a percentage of your traffic you drive through your hard work become clients. I have taught this to business since 2009.

So how about the instant cure?

Click on to a Biz-find directory near you, add your business, post a free classified advert, share on your social media and we will as well share your business to over 50,000. Then you can look to see what buyers we have, and as a sellers on Biz-find we will work in the background every day and our team will find you a buyer soon enough.

If you can’t find a lead tell us what you want to buy and you will so be receiving cash from us!